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R-Kontakt CZ

Our company was founded in 1993. We specialize in the production and import and subsequent distribution of sunglasses, sports and reading glasses. We also offer ski goggles, helmets and gloves. Every year we prepare such a wide range that can fully meet the demands of different market segments. We have a very wide range of glasses at very affordable prices up to demanding glasses. Our collections include the Czech brand VICTORY, the Italian brand DEMON, the Swiss brand MONTANA, the British brand DONNAY and EYELEVEL. In addition, children's license glasses Disney, children's collection Good Lion and more. Our distribution network covers the whole country. We offer free sales racks to our collections. We deliver goods to our customers through our own sales representatives. In addition to regular business cooperation, we offer the possibility of creating collections of eyewear brands, according to your needs. (printing on glass, parts, metal logo)


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